Saye Art Gallery
Saye is a Tehran base contemporary art devotee Gallery, which, Since July 2014, aims to present young talents as well as practiced artists to the public and art lovers. Indeed, with a great collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art and visual artists in attendance, Saye Art Gallery has a significant role in Tehran’s creative scenery.
Saye Art Gallery team’s focus is on the Iranian contemporary art, and it has been remained a persistent and energetic enthusiasm in the art scene of Iran and has introduced many renowned artists’ work to the community for the first time. The gallery energetically represents many national groups of leading contemporary artists and musicians. Saye is embracing a diverse and various artistic practices, from painting, sculpture and video to photography, new media and performing art.
No. 21, 13th Alley, Sanaei St., Karimkhan St., Tehran, Iran
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TEL: +98 21 88 82 78 86
WHATSAPP: +98 910 595 60 18