Review session of "Reincarnation"[15 October 2020]

Review session of "Reincarnation"

A preview session for observation and representation of a contemporary situation metamorphosis, and a critical interpretation of "Reincarnation" installation by Ali Hamidi Moghadam with the presence of the artist and contemporary art critics Omid Ghajarian, Mahmoud Maktabi, and Hadi Momeni.
Presumptive Landscape: Mehrdad Iravanian[11 September 2019]

Presumptive Landscape: Mehrdad Iravanian

The visual arts from the perspective of an architect was the main subject of this session following the solo painting exhibition of Mehrdad Iravanian with his presence and Kamran Afshar Naderi, two of influencing Iranian contemporary architects.
The Epic of Shahnameh[26 July 2019]

The Epic of Shahnameh

The term Shahnameh Khani is used for a traditional epic performance, reading Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. Saye Art Gallery held a Shahnameh Khani program curated by Nazanin Mehr Ali.
Tracking the Self: Mehdi Moghimnejad[17 July 2019]

Tracking the Self: Mehdi Moghimnejad

A prereview session on the new media and installation exhibition curated by Ali Miresmaeili, Tracking the Self: Contemporary Routines Project III, with the presence of Mehdi Moghimnejad, an artist and, art researcher.
Higgs Boson: Shariar Vaghfipour[3 July 2019]

Higgs Boson: Shariar Vaghfipour

A prereview session on the digital art exhibition of Mahziar Arjmandnia, Higgs Boson, with the presence of Shahriar Vaghfipour, an author, critic, and translator.
Ferdowsi Day: Shams Langeroodi[14 May 2019]

Ferdowsi Day: Shams Langeroodi

The 14th of May is named after Ferdowsi whose Shahnameh revived the Persian language and Iranian cultural heritage. In this session, Shams Langeroodi, a contemporary Iranian poet and scholar clarifies the importance of Shahnameh as a turning point.
Review Session of Untracked | Over and Over Again[13 Febuary 2019]

Review Session of Untracked | Over and Over Again

Review session of Untracked | Over and Over Again the installation exhibition by Setareh Jabbari Moshasan, with the presence of Zarvan Rouhbakhshan and Omid Ghajarian.
String Quartet: Dispersion[17 January 2019]

String Quartet: Dispersion

In the string quartet program "Dispersion", pieces composed by Pedram Babaiee were performed at Saye Art gallery. Siavash Jafari | Violin Mona Abbassi | Violin Roksana Reyhanian | Viola Sam Bereliani | Violoncello
Art Talk: Payam Yasini[15 January 2019]

Art Talk: Payam Yasini

The talented artist, Payam Yasini, one of the creative contemporary artists talks about the relation between an artwork and the use of technology in contemporary art. the questions are: What technology fundamentally is and how can it help the artist to create artwork? Are we allowed to use the technological tools in artworks, and where is the border between art and non-art in the use of technology? Is it allowed in contemporary art to transcend the tradition and the traditional instrument, and if so, what is its case examples? What is essentially art in its contemporary sense and what determines the boundary between art and non-art?
Performance Workshop: Omid Hashemi[11 December 2018]

Performance Workshop: Omid Hashemi

Omid Hashemi will hold the "Performance Art Workshop: Awareness of the Body" in Saye Art Gallery. The workshop was held in two parts: theoretical and practical. The theory of the body and its related social transformations into art was the subject of discussion. In the practical section, the participants would recognize the relationship between body and mind with a series of exercises.
Piano Recital: Siavash Damirian[8 September 2018]

Piano Recital: Siavash Damirian

Siavash Damirian in a piano recital program performed works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Iranian composers in Saye Art Gallery.
Butoh Performance: Behzad Gholami[31 August 2018]

Butoh Performance: Behzad Gholami

Butoh Performance "To Love" by Behzad Gholami, on August 30th in Saye Art Gallery.
Art & Architecture: Hamid Nourkeyhani[1 August 2018]

Art & Architecture: Hamid Nourkeyhani

The debate on Art and Architecture, the 3rd session, was presented by well known Iranian architects, Hamid Naser Nasir and Houshang Mehr Ardalan, with the presence of Akbar Alami, an art critic. This debate was dedicated to one of the outstanding and inspiring contemporary Iranian architects, Hamid Nourkeyhani.
Exhibition Review of Distortions[24 July 2018]

Exhibition Review of Distortions

Saye Art Gallery hosts Zanyar Bolouri, zarvan Rouhbakhshan and Ali Miresmaeili, in a session to talk about "the Contemporary Routines Project, First Chapter: Distortions".
Saye Movies[Summer 2018]

Saye Movies

| Saye Movies presents a selection of outstanding movies in Summer 2018. Burning | ZAMA | Western | A Film for You | Amour DE Reel | Love in a Close Shot are the movies that have been shown during the Summer.
Art & Architecture: David Oshana[27 June 2018]

Art & Architecture: David Oshana

The debate on Art and Architecture was presented by well known Iranian architects, Victor Daniel and Karlin-e-Nejhadian, about one of the outstanding and inspiring contemporary Iranian architects in the 1970s, David Oshana.
Art & Architecture: Mehrdad Iravanian[12 June 2018]

Art & Architecture: Mehrdad Iravanian

The Art Debate on Art and Architecture was presented by well-known Iranian architectures, Mehrdad Iravanian and Kamran Afshar Naderi, about art in contemporary architecture.
A Session with Babak Ahmadi[June 2018]

A Session with Babak Ahmadi

Saye Art Gallery hosted Babak Ahmadi on Friday, 1st June 2018, to discuss about philosophy in Iranian contemporary architecture. This Session was held with the presence of some Iranian well known architects.
Abbas Mokhber: The World Myths[21 January 2018]

Abbas Mokhber: The World Myths

Abbas Mokhber is an Iranian mythologist and translator. He has published and translated many outstanding books and papers on mythology.
Raha Sho[30 Jun. 2017]

Raha Sho

The "Raha Sho" event will be performed in the Pool Plateau of Saye Art Gallery. Combination of action painting and live music will be presented on the stage by various artists. The "Raha Sho" will be performed in three shows, by three painting artists and a professional musician. There will be an auction for the recently created artwork at the end of each show. Neda Jalalian | DAyman Zand | Mohsen Hosseinmardi
Babak Ahmadi: Inspiration vs. Imitation[29 January 2017]

Babak Ahmadi: Inspiration vs. Imitation

An art debate around the inspiration in contemporary art towards imitation, and the differences between these two by Babak Ahmadi, an author, translator, and art critic. Ahmadi has published outstanding books and papers on the philosophy of art and has translated important art and philosophy books into Persian.
Book Launch: Mostafa Hamidi[29 Dec. 2016]

Book Launch: Mostafa Hamidi

The writer Mostafa Hamidi presents his book named “Designs in Iron: A look at iron doors and window frames of the city of Tehran” at a presentation ceremony in Saye Art Gallery. The book categorizes some of the Iranian doors and windows which have been built in the Pahlavi era, as the examples of art that have been used to improve the architecture, so the author tried to take photographs of the existing samples and archive them to create the base for the later studies.
Tehran Sessions[22 Nov. - 10 Dec. 2016]

Tehran Sessions

Saye Art Gallery presents the "Tehran Sessions" event. Talented musicians with a variety of instruments play different pieces in a gathering combined of artist and art lovers.This group is leaded by Kayyash Amiri Rad and their style is compilation. The event will be held in seven parts on Nov. 5th, Nov. 7th,Nov. 16th, Nov. 19th, Dec. 8th, Dec. 15th, and Dec. 22 th.
On Contemporary Art #2 - Hasan Hoseyni[August 2015]

On Contemporary Art #2 - Hasan Hoseyni

The purpose of holding the professional meeting series of Film Noir Generic Reading, is to refresh this cinematic history phenomenon according to the achievements of the genre study fields. The term looks deeply at the classic American Film Noir concept and its connection to the "Hard Boiled" criminal novels.
On Contemporary Art #1 - Siamak Delzende[August 2015]

On Contemporary Art #1 - Siamak Delzende

The Speech Lessons of the Modern Art (1) The Spectrum of Concepts from the Modern Art to the Contemporary Art The purpose of the term is the accurate presentation of some main titles and the connected subjects which shaped in the "Modern Art" topic and faced the new challenges by evolution toward the "Contemporary Art".
Movie Show[Fall 2014 - Winter 2015]

Movie Show

Saye Art Gallery presents a selection of well-made movies in fall 2014 and winter 2015. Sketches from Frank Gehry | A personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies | Searching for Sugarman | This Film is not Rated yet | Picasso and Braque | Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present | Le Mystery Picasso | Buena Vita Social Club | No Direction Home | The LAst Walts | Heart of Darkness | Citizen Kane | Cafe Muller | Pina
The Artist is Present: Mohsen Hoseinmardi[24 Oct. 2014]

The Artist is Present: Mohsen Hoseinmardi

The artist Mohsen Hoseinmardi creates his artwork in Saye Art Gallery accompanying visitors. The artist will show up in the Pool Plateau section of the gallery, and do the process of painting an artwork in the crowd of art lovers from the beginning to the end.