The Opening of Pool Plateau

Here in Pool Plateau of Saye Gallery, where is incredibly romantic and exotic place, now on, it is possible to enjoy artistic performances and musical events beside workshops.

“I or We” exhibition opens with the presence of Mr. Masjed Jame-ei

the solo painting exhibition of Yasmin Shirpay opening was a big event with lots of visitors. Our special guest Mr. Masjed Jame-ei, the head of culture department of Islamic City Council of Tehran, attended to the exhibition and observed the artworks. The exhibition held from 14 to 19 July 2017.

In the eyes of a world traveler

Friedrich Weidner meets Saye Gallery: The German world traveler who passed Iran in his journey from his homeland to the Vietnam, meets Saye Gallery and reflects his opinion of Iranian art and culture in his website.

Saye Café opens up in winter 2017

In collaboration with Saye Art Gallery, Saye Café provides the better services for the visitors and customers in a natural and peaceful environment and serves fine food and drinks in an artistic atmosphere. The location is Niavaran Ave., Jamshidieh St., Aghakhani (20th) Alley, Number 3; also the telephone number is 22 29 11 12.

Saye Art Gallery participates in Donostiartean Art Fair, Spain

Saye Art Gallery presents the artworks from Iranian artists in the Donostiartean international exhibition, San Sebastian, Spain. More than 30 artworks in the Medias of painting, photography and statue from the talented artists participated in the event.

A Collaboration between Saye Art Gallery and architects

For the first time, in a collaboration between the gallery and the architects, we furnished a complete building with our special collection of artworks in the Arghavan residential building, Farmanieh, Tehran.

Loris Tjeknavorian was the special guest of Saye Art Gallery

The famous Iranian composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian visits the photography exhibition “Parallel Pairs” by the artist Kamyar Minoukadeh on 15 January 2016.

the Danish journal “Information” interviews with Babak Baharestani

“Nevertheless, today’s Iranian art and architecture has a very unique character that presents its magnificent origins to the world” says Babak Baharestani, Information Journal.