Mostafa Hamidi
Book Launch: Mostafa Hamidi

[29 Dec. 2016]

رونمایی کتاب "نقوش آهنی" مصطفی حمیدیسخنرانان:علی کرمانیانمصطفی حمیدیبابک بهارستانیمحسن شهرنازدارآرش طبیب زادهبا همکاریگالری سایهدفتر معماری سایهچاپ و نشر نظر

The writer Mostafa Hamidi presents his book named “Designs in Iron: A look at iron doors and window frames of the city of Tehran” at a presentation ceremony in Saye Art Gallery.The book categorizes some of the Iranian doors and windows which have been built in the Pahlavi era, as the examples of art that have been used to improve the architecture, so the author tried to take photographs of the existing samples and archive them to create the base for the later studies.