Yasmin Shirpay
"I or we "
Acrylic on canvas

Yasmin Shirpay
I or we

[14-19 July 2017 ]

It is a strange time and strange days, there is nothing in its place. Distressed breaths go and come and hearts beat quickly, all to reach a new phase but with eyes and ears closed. Such indifferent and soulless we pass the blackness without any word, sigh or shout. We see, hear and pass with insentience. Sometimes we laugh unreasonable, cry silently because we have no power to shout. I feel pain when I see violence, injustice and blackness instead of justice and tenderness of God. I wish all: sweet taste of life which is only possible by ourselves. My last word is my paintings; portraits that express my inner feeling, concerns and mental perturbations in the past few years.From what we suffer!