Anahita Mohebali
"Waiting for Godot"
Acrylic on canvas
100x70 cm

Anahita Mohhebali
Waiting For Godot

[5-10January 2018]

The collection "Waiting for Godot", according to the Samuel Beckett play, with the same name, is a demonstration of contemporary human being wandering, the main theme of this play is waiting. In the world of injustice, wars and grief, all human beings are looking for a savior and expecting a sense for life.
My visual world forms in a wide range of documentation and choices, based on the flow of my mind. It describes a world, which is simulated and adapted, which has been described as a personal narrative in my drawings. The perception of self-knowledge and the manipulation of individual characteristics and integration with the subject matter of this collection, has made it particular. Accordingly, it has created a suspended and metaphorical position in creating a range of meanings in my work.