Zaha Bayat
Except These Two Strange Things
"Meet and Punishments"
Acrylic on Canvas

Zaha Bayat
Meet and Punishments

[2-7 March 2018]

Art is a useless and fruitless Compassion. (Jean-Paul Sartre)
Behind each meet is a punishment, from the ashes of every accusation, another birth is born. Meet the instinctive temptations of the subject and the Super Ego commands. Adam and Eve meet the Devil, consequently, the punishment of Downfall. Meeting the real thing in sleep - jumping out of reality in awakening, Awakening the reality in awakens- awareness punishment. Freedom Penalty, captured by the Straight Path. Spoils of Love, after a brief and hasty meeting, meet the Deputies. Meet the death and repentance of paradise, the vain space for eternal eating and drinking! And even meeting the painter with the idea-with a moment of intuition-and the reprisal of that moment on the white canvas ... In other words, "meeting and punishments" are eternal contradictions, between God and Satan, command and temptation, the idea and execution, suppression and Desire, body and soul, inside and outside, ... and the subject, produced and reproduced in this historic struggle, in this dialectical duality. Accordingly, I split the paintings of this collection into two distinct, yet completely affiliated episodes. The first episode, the meeting, is an attempt to depict the needless meeting of the good on the one hand, the siege with evil and the transformation of evil into the other. The second episode, a rebuke, depicts a more intrinsic image of the devilish subject, the subject in a dislocated state, attempts to separate the boundary from it and regain its shape.