Place, an Obsolete Meaning

Group Exhibition
Place, an Obsolete Meaning

[4 - 16 May 2018]

Sepehr Mehrdadfar, Tohid Mahdavi, Mohsen Tajik, Mehrad Mahnia , Reyhaneh Aslanbeigy, Sara Khosravipour, Nima Pournaghshband

Admitting that an artwork is the body of an idea or a specific subjectivity, will clarify the fact, that maybe the addressed audience would not need any exterior sources to precept an artwork; no matter how superficial or pure an artwork is.
Every idea has been sophisticated in its creators mind, however, it may be the transporter of continuous, irregular, and even opposing ideas in the mind of an audience. The artist may remain particular before presenting their art, but new artists will be born as soon as the art shows up. In other words, the disclosing idea leads others to more imagination, and makes new artworks recreated in new minds.