Afsaneh Mesgarzadeh
Self pOrtrait
from Sheds of a Colorful Mind series

Afsaneh Mesgarzadeh
Sheds Of a Colorful Mind

[13 - 18 July 2018]

Sheds of a Colorful Mind
Droplets have always been a mystery to me, and they have taken me to discover the new image they create on their way. The rain is another wet matter that, like the night of the full moon, is full of inspiration for me, and it boils art in my blood and overflows. Our existence also starts from a drop and is an indication of movement, such as my heart rate, sometimes spicy and sometimes slow Slow ...
On the other hand, since tears are an expression of the height and purity of the human soul that squirts through the eye of an eye and is full of metaphor and ambiguity filled with pleasure or pleasure, or perhaps from pain and grief, or even both! Another of the droplets in the rain from the point of view of goodness is to mention now
And in the moment being is to live this moment and here! In this collection and during this period, I laughed and enjoyed my works with all my senses, I was pulled and rubbed so wet now ...
Figurative motifs, poetic forms and concepts, lines, narrative colors are my main concerns in the process of creation. In the process of discovery and intuition, the interpretation of the colorful psychological concepts of the emotions and the body language of the figures deeply helped me in my reflection, and I admitted to expressing myself and my mood using the color combination of red, orange, yellow, and blue. .
In this collection you will visit the psychological-perceptual visit of personal, artistic personal niches, which over the past two years have characterized abstract narratives, figures and colors, and poetic forms in the style of the artist's creative style of xperio-fovvism (which combines lightness and action of expressionism and fauvism) You will go and invite you to accompany the emotions of an overwhelming mind. Right Now Right Here!